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We produce and distribute high quality cannabis strain as well as various derivates with a high CBD content. In addition we source very rare concentrates from certified suppliers from Switzerland and/or our partners and recognised traders all over the world. The production takes place in compliance with the GACP guidelines, whereby the further steps in the value chain are made under GMP standards. We guarantee complete traceability of our products.

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Science Today

CBD – Cannabidiol
is not psychoactive and as it has only moderate side effects, it is ideal for medical use for children, elderly people and animals and pets.

CBG – Cannabigerol
is not psychoactive and has been shown to stimulate the growth of new brain cells, even with elderly people. CBG also stimulates bone growth, it has an antibacterial, anti-tumor effect and works in insomnia. It can change the overall effect of cannabis.

CBN – Cannbinol
is very slightly psychoactive, but more sedating than other known cannabinoids. Therefore, it has a great potential for sleep therapy.

CBDA – CBD-Carboxylicacid and
THCA – Tetrahydrocannabinolacid
Both contain the most anti-inflammatory properties that cannabis has to offer. CBDA has been shown to be both ant-inflammatory and anti-tumor.

THCV – Tetrahydricannabivarin
It is currently being explored as a treatment option for metabolic disorders including diabetes, as well as a potential appetite suppressant.

CBC – Cannabichromene
is also not psychoactive and has been shown to be about ten times more effective in treating anxiety and stress than CBD. At the same time, it can treat inflammation and relieve pain. CBC is also antiviral and anti-tumor. It has also been shown that CBC stimulates the growth of bone tissue.

Main Benefits of Cannabinoids:

Anxiety Disorders

Regular use of CBD leads to a significant improvement in the symptoms of anxiety disorders.

Arthritis Pain

In order to replace chemical medicine, Cannabinoids are based on 100% natural ingredients with much less side-effects.

Parkinson Disease

Research on this toppic is in progress and results will be expected in the near future.


Seizure Disorder (Epilepsy)

Cost- and time-intensive research is in progress and first results will be expected with patience. There are over 12 components available in natural hemp in order to find a positive results.

Muscle Disorder (Dystonia)

Research on this toppic is in progress and results will be expected in the near future.

Multiple Sclerosis

Research on this toppic is in progress and results will be expected in the near future.

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